Gia Đình Hà Lan

GĐHL Brand

Gia Đình Hà Lan is a recognized consumer brand for agricultural products with Dutch origins, developed and grown in Vietnam.

Our Brand Values

Healthy Food

Gia Đình Hà Lan products provide opportunities to improve food security, support pro-poor development and boost a healthy, diverse diet in Vietnam. Based on vigorous scientific research and development of Dutch inputs and technologies applied in Vietnam agroclimatic conditions, together with qualitative and quantitative consumers research and food laboratories, our brand brings consumers a healthy and high quality food choice. For example, Gia Đình Hà Lan Potatoes are proven to be richer in fibre, vitamins and minerals than rice or wheat. We are committed to bringing more healthy potato dishes to Vietnamese menu.

Sustainable Agriculture

Gia Đình Hà Lan brand is part of the value chain which initiates sustainable production systems leading to water and energy use reduction and cost saving for farmers. For example, the production of Gia Đình Hà Lan potatoes requires less water and land than other staple crops and it is a profitable addition to the current crops planted by small-scale farmers in Vietnam.

Gender Equality

Empowerment of women is an important value and mission of Gia Đình Hà Lan brand. Gia Đình Hà Lan brand helps women farmers to increase income, empower their economic leadership, able to pay for their children education, reinforce social relationships and improve a balanced diets for their families. About 1750 potato farmers from all over Vietnam are women. More than 70% of our contracted producers and suppliers are women who participate in the value chain project and join trainings in professional potato production.

The Gia Đình Hà Lan brand was born from the ‘Growing out of poverty with potato 2014-2019” under the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV) co- invested by Fresh Studio Innovations Asia, Agrico, PepsiCo Vietnam, Applied Plant Research of Wageningen UR and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. This project tackle the challenge faced by Vietnamese consumers and producers by creating a value chain for a high quality and sustainable potato production system in Vietnam.

We are committed to bringing more healthy and sustainable food choice to the Vietnamese consumers.